Carmarthen Evangelical Church will be closing on March 31st 2023



Linda’s Story

I was not born into a church going family. I went to Sunday school as a child- I don’t remember much about it or how long I went for. I remember asking for a Bible for my 11th Birthday and going with my father to buy one. I got married and had 3 children. During those years I questioned many things (to myself) of what I saw happening around me. I later came to realise that God has given us a conscience which tells us what is right or wrong. My son went to live with his father when he was 13 and I was left to bring up 2 girls alone, the youngest was 2. During the following few years I visited church services and meetings but I was left unmoved.

On moving to Cynwel Elfed in 1984, I eventually met a Christian lady and after talking to her at great length I asked if I could go to her church. The following Sunday we went. As soon as I went through the door of the small chapel, I could sense a presence there- I cannot explain any better. But it was as if God was saying to me ‘This is the place I want you to be’. This was the start of an amazing journey. Over the next 3 weeks I learnt a lot from Christian people, books and I started to look into the Bible.

On April 17th 1985 in the stillness of my bedroom, I asked God to come into my life. He did as He promised, He saved me, came into my life and has been with me ever since. Life has not always been easy but I know He is there. A verse in the Bible says ‘For your maker is your husband, The Lord of hosts is His name.

When I look back, I can see my coming to live in Wales was all part of His providence in my life. He has guided me all the way, unbeknown to me and I know He will continue until the day I meet Jesus face to face.