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Carmarthen Evangelical --Church General Risk Assessment inc Fire Risk Assessments Bowls Club

Date August 1st 2022

Initial Assessment carried out by Brian Halliday on behalf of the Church Trustees who have a legal requirement to have a Risk Assessment in place.


Brian had looked at the official documentation and considered official guidance when drawing up the risk assessments and Fire Drill procedures.

On discovering a fire the following procedures are to be followed which is an extract from the Bowls Club Evacuation Plan Instructions

1 On discovering a fire

Shout FIRE FIRE to gain assistance if any of the management are on hand

Warn everyone on the premises by operating or sending someone to operate the nearest call point (Break Glass box)

If a gas appliance is on fire isolate the gas supply if it is safe to do so

If an electrical appliance is on fire isolate the power source if it is safe to do so

2 Who is responsible for calling the Fire and Rescue service

The designated person in charge of the premises will primarily be responsible and allocating staff specific roles.

If that person is unable to, then the senior volunteer on duty should do so (In our case this will be Brian Halliday or if not present any member of the church Council)

How to call the Fire and Rescue Service

Dial 999 and ask for the Fire Service clearly stating “Bro Myrddin Bowls Centre Picton Terrace Carmarthen SA31 3BS and give any other details as requested by the operator.

Actions to be taken on hearing an alarm

The designated person will ensure that :

The fire zone is identified, and check is made for the location of any fire

The Fire Service is called

Evacuation procedures are started as soon as a fire is confirmed by taking any “PEEPS” (Personal emergency evacuation plans) into consideration

The fire is attacked if possible, using an appropriate fire extinguisher, but only it safe to do so and without taking any personal risks

Never put the fire between you and your escape route

Assembly Point

The Car Park in front of the premises and the far side of the outdoor bowling rink



The location of fire exits nearest to the room that we rent for Sunday and mid-week services are:

Turn right outside the entrance door to the room that we rent, and the fire door is in the corner of the dining area.

If the fire is in the kitchen/dining area and exit from this door will be dangerous the other closest alternative is :

Turn left as you leave our room and approx. 20 metres on the left is a way to another fire exit door (not as far as the toilets) where we can leave the building and assemble in the car park


If we cannot escape by any of these and the way is clear to the main entrance, that will also be an exit route. The exit via the main entrance will be the nearest escape route if we are occupying the small room behind the office.

The designated person from CEC will advise as to the exit route to use.

The other Council member or one in charge will perform a roll call in the car park to make sure everyone from Church has left the building


If there are other activities going on in the Bowls Club it will be their responsibility to carry out a roll call.


Location of Fire Extinguishers:

The nearest to our room is located between the entrance door to the Conference room and the fire exit door to the right of our rented room

In the kitchen there are fire extinguishers and fire blankets

There is a fire extinguisher in the main entrance hall


Other health and Safety matters


(1) Inflammable Clutter owned by the Church:

All inflammable materials such as hymn books etc are stored inside a plastic box which is placed on a table in the room and afterwards kept in the same box in the storeroom,

There is very little risk of a fire from this source.

(There are however potentially inflammable boards stored in the corner of the room which are the property of the Bowls Club)



The location of the piano keyboard does not present any H & S issues in connection with possible trips as the cables do not trail across the room.

Care must be taken when assembling the keyboard as there is the potential to have an injury.


Moving of Chairs and tables when setting up the room

The laying out of chairs for the meeting must be carried out by the fit and able and especially so if the fold up tables requires to be disassembled

The carrying of the keyboard and plastic box full of hymn books. These are heavy items and must only be carried by the fit and able.

Walkway from main entrance to the rented room

Care must be taken as not to become distracted as there is an unguarded drop to the indoor Bowls green which could cause injury if one stepped over the edge.


Fire drills:

It is considered that the best time for a drill would be after the conclusion of a morning service for the first drill.


Additional Items

Location of Defibrillator and First Aid Box

Both these items are located on the left-hand side on the wall as you enter the main indoor bowling area




None of the windows in the Conference room can open to allow fresh air circulation to take place


There is air conditioning in the room which can spread infection within a room.


Concern and Action Plan

If Covid restrictions are reintroduced in the Autumn/Winter then the provision of good fresh air circulation has always been a requirement.


B L Halliday

Church H & S appointed officer

Posted on Sep 12, 2022